Here's a brief explainer on how a work request works

  1. You submit your work request with as much info as possible. (We recommend using a loom video).

  2. If everything we need is in the request (ex: instructions, credentials, graphics, copy, etc) we'll convert your request into a task and the countdown for delivery begins.  If the task is missing information or unclear, a follow up message will be sent to receive that info.

  3. We'll deliver your 1st draft within the expected timeframe as a "task" in your project.  If everything is good, you'll have the option to click "Approve".  If task is approved, a job queue spot is open for the next job.  


  • Cut off time for work requests are 12:00 PM EST on business days only.  If a request is made after the cut off time, it'll be considered as delivered the following business day.

  • Depending on the monthly plan you're on determines how many active jobs can be open in the job queue.